Thursday, November 10, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Released

Already so much has been written about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, and between now and when the smartphone will be officially announced early next year so we will have to write, why rumors continue to arrive in the coming weeks. According to the latest forecasts, the Galaxy Samsung S8 will have an optical fingerprint reader, which to date has not yet seen on a smartphone. In addition, Samsung’s vice President Lee Jae-yong said in a recent statement picked up by Sammobile that the Galaxy S8 will arrive with a “brilliant design” and an “improved camera”.

It is also the official Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a new digital assistant, at the time called Bixby, and will have a dedicated physical button for instant access. Meanwhile, according to the latest rumors, the next top model of Samsung shall have a screen 4 k. Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy edge have model numbers SM-G930 and SM-G935, respectively, and logically you could assume that the S8 series will include models SM-G940 and SM-G945.

According to rumors won’t be so: the next smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will have model numbers SM-SM-G950 and G955.

Samsung is likely to choose a display QuadHD and not 4 k for the Galaxy S8, the same resolution that we find in the current Galaxy S7. A choice that would be more logical. Whereas the Galaxy S7 has a display of Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) that already points out many changes compared to a panel FullHD, choosing to adopt a Panel 4 k would be just a gimmick, with the only real advantage that would be for watching content in VR.

Note that the eye perceives hardly already pixels on a full HD Panel from 5/5.5 inches, then imagine that the Galaxy S7 pixels absolutely not seen, let alone on a 4 k from 2,160 x 3840 pixels. To benefit from a 4 k display might be just the viewer Gear VR of Samsung, since it uses your smartphone as a screen to bring the user in a virtual reality environment: this is because the pixel size would be smaller and users shouldn’t see them on the screen when viewed up close. Earlier this year, Kyle Brown, head of the technology, content and management of product launches by Samsung said that the current size of the screens (on average we are about 5 inches) do not require a 4 k display because this resolution does not provide a noticeable difference, pointing out that it is not worth to charge you for something you can do without at the time.

Brown said that the 4 k display might come in handy on a smartphone if used together with a viewer for virtual reality as the Gear VR for the reason mentioned above. Sony recall that was the first manufacturer to introduce a smartphone with 4 k display, Xperia Z5 Premium, which is interested in a few. As regards the digital assistant, Samsung bought artificial intelligence technology of Live Labs, which go far beyond the capabilities of the Syrians, going to change the world by interacting with devices such as we know it today through natural language commands.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Customize Apple TV Home Screen

Apple Tv is carving out an increasingly important market segment and the fourth generation of this device can boast a respectable power, as storage space and computing power, in addition, there are hundreds of downloadable apps from the App Store. From great power comes great responsibility, however, so you must know tricks to get the most out of our Apple Tv starting from the home screen, the Welcome screen.

Featured Apple TV apps

First of all, you should be aware that featured apps are not like the others, the fourth generation Apple TV shows a line with some apps, overhead. To get the most benefit from your device you should so do order, highlighting the apps you use the most. A process that will be familiar to users of iOS: click on the app you want to move and hold until the icon will begin to dance, then place it in the space of your choice, and press the touchpad. Easy, isn’t it?

Create and move folders on your Apple TV

Pity that not all of the third party apps make the best placing at the forefront, while others like Netflix and HBO show previews that make for a more enjoyable user experience. This is only the first step to customizing the home screen of your 4th generation Apple Tv. Move the App is not enough, let us now turn to the Organization in folders.

How about tvOS 9.2, you can place your apps into folders. There are two ways to get the result:

1. Click and hold on the app you want to move, and then place it on another app to create a folder. You can then add more apps to the folder. Again, this process is well noticed who has an iPhone.

2. Click and hold on the icon of your choice, then press the play/pause button. You will see an option to create a new folder that contains the selected app, or place it in a preexisting folder.

The procedure to remove the App from a folder is the same as related to their displacement, in this case just click on the touchpad and hold, then drag outside. To rename a folder to the home screen of our Apple Tv just click and enter the name you chose. Do you want to delete an app you don’t use anymore? No problem, just select it, press and hold and then press the play/pause button. This will open a list of options, select the first (”Delete”/”delete”) and you’re done. As is true for iPhone and iPad, even on Apple Tv is unable to remove native applications from the home screen, such as iTunes. If you really don’t want to have them around, you should create a folder called “Junk”, so as to minimize the space occupied by unwanted apps.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IPhone 8 Comes Equipped With Screen OLED Manufactured By Sharp

Apple and Sharp are in negotiations to make the display manufacturer provider of upcoming screens for Apple devices, but that this will depend on whether Sharp can meet the high demand for units.

iPhone 8 Display

Rumors leading up to the official launch of the iPhone 7 have suggested that the phone that Apple will launch in 2017, which should correspond to the iPhone 7s, will be a drastic change in design and functionality from the 7 iPhone and their two previous generations. One of the big changes would be the addition of the screen OLED, first in his class in an Apple product.

Bloomberg says that Sharp announced this same Friday that it will invest US$ 566 million in the development of factories for the manufacture of panels OLED, but units of those factories will be released mid-2018.

IPhone 8 which will be launched next year, will be - for Apple - a celebration by the ten years carrying the phone on the market. To celebrate it properly, Apple has many plans, according to the most recent reports.

In addition to the screen OLED, the phone will have a new design that will resemble the design of glass and metal that had the iPhone 4.

It is expected that Apple removed the bezels on the sides; succeed, Plus iPhone would have a screen of 5.5 inch 5.8 inch - model of 4.7 inches would maintain its size. The disappearance of the Home button and incorporation of its functions on the screen is also expected. Read more about iPhone 8 Manual.

Nintendo NX: Rumors And Some Truths About The New Console

Update News

Nintendo took the name “SWITCH” for new game console. You can find the Nintendo Switch Manual here.

Since Nintendo gave to know in March of this year that was working in a new platform of games with the name in code “NX”, that would offer a concept completely new, the impact in the networks social not is made wait. So far the only insurance is its worldwide release in March 2017, communicated by the company based in Kyoto, Japan. Everything else is shrouded in a blanket of rumors and speculation. Managers are providing little information, what makes that the gamer world generate their ideas, expectations, desires and they colmen website with them.

Some of the assumptions of how the Nintendo NX:

It is believed that this new Consol will feature technology known as “Free-From Display” (screen for free) that was presented last year at the fair in consumer electronics (CES, acronym in English). This would have screens with the shape the customer want. It is said that Nintendo would have asked a circular screen with a hole in the Center, like a donut, quite strange and impractical so I doubt it’s true.[Read More…]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wireless Printer Adapter Tutorial

Wireless data transfer, wireless communication, and now wireless printing. It becomes rapidly popular about wireless printer. New technology of printing which is enable the printing process from mobile devices or PC without wires or cables installation. So, what if you still love your classic printer that still works properly? Should you replace it with the wireless one? our answer is: not really necessary. You don’t need to through your old classic printer and purchase the new wireless printer. Do you want to know why? Because there is another way to turn your old classic wired printer into the wireless one. to make it real, what you need right now is wireless printer adapter.

Wireless printer adapter is a possible way to turn classic wired printer into a wireless printer. Usually wireless printer adapter is available in the market with various types and specs. From the available choices, you need to decide which way you want to take to turn your classic printer into wireless. First thing first to do is learn what are there in your old printer. Several printers have come a long with Bluetooth, others have infrared (irDA), some have built-in Ethernet ports, other have built-in wireless adapter. By recognizing your printer, now you know what you need to do and to buy to accomplish your goal. You will find some product of wireless printer adapter to use Bluetooth and wireless printer adapted for Wi-Fi printer. Printer from one manufacturer may need different adapter type with the other printer from the other manufacturers. For several types of old printer, we define several solutions to turn it into wireless. Hopefully one of the following explanation is suitable for your printer:[Read More…]

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Capture the Best Moments with Best Mirrorless Camera

Camera nowadays is made simple and easy to use. However, the mirror mechanism in a camera, especially DSLR, is noisy and complex. The mirror also makes the camera heavier. Fortunately, the newest camera technology has been invented. Best Mirrorless camera starts to reach its popularity recently, especially this year. People love this camera because it is lightweight, easy to use, and it brings the awesome pictures that you may realize before.

Fuji Cameras

Fuji X-T10 is one of the Best Mirrorless camera 2016 that you can consider. The design and build are excellent and brilliant. The latest AF technology of Fuji is applied in this camera. It is along with the same sensor that is applied. The viewfinder image is smaller with the external controls that have been simplified. The design is close to the compact DSLR. People always love the film simulation mode and brilliant Fuji image quality. The premium lenses are widely available.[Read More…]

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Important Things Before Update iOS 9

Before downloading this update, please refer to the three important steps you should do:

1. Make sure You support the iOS Devices 9

Yes, lest already stayed up late to update iOS, it turns your iPhone or iPad you not including iOS support 9. Actually the heck all devices that supports iOS, iOS updates can get 8.

For the iPhone, beginning with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus and latest duet – iPhone 6s and iPhone Plus 6s.

There is a line of iPad iPad 2, iPad 2, iPad 4, all lines of the Mini iPad and iPad water and certainly the iPad Pro. Well for you users of iPod Touch, 2nd generation iPod Touch 5 final and 6th iPod Touch which brings the CPU of the iPhone 6. [Read More…]