Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

Although the Xiaomi Mi Drone was presented might in two configurations, one can produce videos from 1080p and 4K at the other, only the very first was advertised, as the second possess gone missing.

But after that, Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K will be listed on March 3 with a price of 2,999 yuan (~$436), where as the battery for the same is going to be priced at 499 yuan (~$72).

Naturally, as always happens with Xiaomi products, these can never be available directly from us. However, you can just buy them at China, on Xiaomi’s web shop, together with a few other places such as Jingdong Mall and Suning, simply to name a few. Apparently, on the other hand, in addition to this best resolution video, the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K will be published with improved applications optimization and five significant hardware upgrades.


In comparison to the older edition, in fact, will probably soon be present two sets of separate movement of IMU and compass detectors to guarantee a far better accuracy in the flight data and, in the case of failure, to re-establish stability and the flight safety.

Also, the remote control system has been improved, so as to reduce the contact loss and also to give the possibility of tracing the position in realtime even in case of failure, even if it’s calculated in real time the power required to return to base. Even in case of lack of charge, then your user will likely be automatically notified the should come back, also calculating the routes so to avert the no-fly zone.

The body of the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K was made with a constructive process of 1.2 mm, which features four lithium polymer batteries in 4.35V and 5100 mAh convenience of a complete ability of 77,52Wh and independence up to 26 minutes.

The photo sensor is a Sony back lit 12 megapixels, with a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and support for RAW images. Compared to the prior edition, Mi drone 4K comes with TDMA technology to transmit images having the stronger signal and a transmission space of fewer than 4 kilometers, compared to at least one km of their old variant 1080P.

The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K. Then, is built with a self-stabilizing head brushless 3-axis which incorporates a 3-axis gyroscope, also a 3-axis accelerometer and a retractable engine into three axes, able to perform data acquisition and calculation of compensation around 2000 times per minute, giving the camera an amount of stability and precision that is remarkable.

All of the sounds pretty impressive for a $460 drone (propeller defenses included( no less), but Xiaomi appears to be in no hurry since its drone is only going to be inputting an open beta near the close of July. Having said that, there’ll also be a slightly cheaper 1080p 60 fps variant that’s launching on Xiaomi. Just 1km limits very own crowdfunding platform to Morrow for 2,499 yuan (which will be about $380), with the other tradeoff being its range, but that shouldn’t become considered a problem for casual users. Oh, and there’s going to be a 99 yuan (roughly $15) back pack made to fit this specific drone, too. In case the Mi Drone ever manages to leave China, we’ll let y’ know straight a way.

As we’ve previously reported, Xiaomi is quickly expanding its ecosystem of connected devices, for example, a rice cooker, a kiddies smart watch plus a self-balancing electric scooter, as an air conditioner and a water purifier. There’s obviously more to come, as Lei temporarily mentioned his institution’s research laboratory is already focusing on robots, ‘’ and he also cautioned Xiaomi’s first VR product due in August or September. Will they be in a position to compete against the big names around? Only time will tell.