Monday, July 10, 2017

Wireless Charging Accessory Will Not Be Prepared at iPhone 8 Launch This Year

It’s long been rumored that Apple’s upcoming 2017 iPhone models will feature some wireless charging technology, but now blogger John Gruber says that the feature might not be available at launch…

In a tweet, Gruber clarified that he’s heard inductive charging will be sold separately from the iPhone itself, something which many accounts have claimed. Additionally, he states that the new charging technology “might be late” rather than establish until iOS 11.1 has been published.

Gruber likens wireless charging into the delay of Portrait Mode using the 7 Plus’ delay. Apple revealed Portrait Mode on the platform when unveiling the apparatus, but didn’t make it accessible it to people before iOS 10.1, a month after the device’s release.


Leaked schematics have speculated the iPhone 8 will consist of wireless charging capacities dependent on the Qi technology.

CEO Robert Hwang of Wistron, Apple’s primary iPhone manufacturer in India, let it slide last month the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging, even while Powermat CEO Lead Dubzinski also stated that wireless charging would become a “normal feature in another iPhone.” A report asserted that Apple would use the Smart Connector for wireless.

Lately, KGI said that all 3 iPhones would embrace the technology, although some have stated that wireless will be exclusive to the expensive iPhone 8.

It’s still not clear why the attachment would need to be delayed, like if it’s a hardware or software issue. However, by selling the accessory and in turn such as the charging cable in the iPhone 8 box, wireless charing essentially becomes an optional feature that users need to pay extra for.

Rumors once indicated that Apple considered a long-range wireless charging solution, permitting the 8 without having contact to be charged. Rather it’s believed that Apple is moving with inductive charging such as the Apple Watch, meaning the iPhone would be put on top of a charger.