Wednesday, November 23, 2016

iPad Pro 2 News

As we approach year-end appear more rumors about the release date of the next generation of iPad Pro. However, one current device most persecuted by analysts is no doubt the next generation of the iPad family, since both the iPhone and the MacBook, have been renovated during the past months.

Apple presented three different models of iPad Pro

How to improve or return something at the hardware level is very good and complete more attractive? Apple faces this challenge to the next iPad Pro of a differentiating factor that increases sales. So bite Apple tablets replace your computer they will need much more than a keyboard and stylus. We have seen several rumors and reports of analysts who say the arrival of an iPad pro intermediate, between 12.9 inches and 9.7.

The news that will feature 10.9 inches, but that will not increase its dimensions since they would eliminate frames is now spreading. As have affirmed the analysts from Barclays Research Blayne Curtis, the range of iPad Pro will present three types different of format. On the one hand, would be that of 9.7 inches, followed by one of 12.9 and finally a third with 10.9 inches.

In this case, the information comes from the vicinity of Apple in mainland Asia, made that gives you greater reliability to the rumor. This news confirms rumors that already emerged about this renewal. It should be recalled that the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already informed us of a next generation of the iPad family. One of the rumors to highlight technical specifications and design is the possible lack of Bezels and a wider range of the screen.

This new design would decrease the thickness of the frame, so the design will be one of the highlights of the next device of the Californian company. For fans of the iPad Mini, you’re in luck, since the U.S. company would have thought to continue with iPad Mini version, despite the rumors that arose on the Elimination of the catalog. If that is true, that the Mini model is in a kind of no man’s land already that the dimensions increased in the latest models of iPhone, as on the iPad, they do that this version will lose interest. Even so, the Mini version presents convenience to travel and take it everywhere, offering excellent performance, own the Apple brand. Mini will continue to be sold, although I’d like to see some change or improvement. They may not leave the Mini 4 forever. On the Air, we don’t know if they will remove them or they will continue leaving them as a cheap option.

I very much doubt a renewal to Air 3. The Pro would remain at 9.7 inches, 10.9 and 12.9. The first of the three if it eliminated their frames surprised us by the small remaining in terms of dimensions. And it is that the screen has an A5 size, resembling tiny without frames. Personally, I don’t think we’ll see an iPad with zero margins. To start we have the front camera, that can not remove it. With it, they can keep at least one edge at the top and bottom and sides Yes, that could be easily shortened. It will take at least six months more to see the new iPad Pro 2.