Saturday, November 19, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Reviews

Xiaomi not through his financial peak, but has dared to enter the sector of laptops with a team with an enviable ratio. We’ve tried it. No, although it seems, the computer of photography that leads this analysis is not a MacBook Air. It’s the Notebook Xiaomi Air, which has undoubtedly taken borrowed aesthetic lines of its American competitor when it comes to creating a stylised body of aluminum from its first foray into the sector of laptops. But it has not to be outdone, but it has improved them.

In the first place, has managed to create a terminal small, thinner and lighter than the Apple, though the largest and most powerful version has a screen of the same size (13.3-inch). The materials are top quality and jump to the view that it is a robust computer. In addition, in a decision that is appreciated, Xiaomi has decided to dispense with the logo at the top, something that makes it more elegant and less ostentatious than the bite Apple back-lit. The comparison with the MacBook Air is not a whim of this journalist. It is that own Xiaomi, Lei Jun, CEO made over and over again during the launch in Beijing of his two computers, the 13.3-inch (1.25 kg) and 12.5 inches (1.07 pounds). It is a parallel which is surprising, considering that the similarities are only aesthetic. Because Xiaomi computer works with Windows 10, a difference that the ‘fanboys’ of the Californian company is quick to point out in all forums in which is discussed on the apparatus to affirm the superiority of the MacBoook Air.

However, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system operates smoothly and fluidly. In Tenuta’s the smaller terminal (which in Spain can be booked here for 580 euros) we have been tested, and it is clear that it is a computer more than decent. Those looking for a powerful device to install programs that require a high performance will do well to scratching a little more pocket and purchase the version of 13.3-inch (655 euros). Because of 12.5 is suitable for users who use above all office programs. Not in vain, it comes equipped with a chip Intel Core M3 of mid-range, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal SSD storage which, although they may increase because one of the two slots for the memory is empty, they are a little scarce.

More gamers also will miss the dedicated graphics card Nvidia GeForce 940MX that the elder brother that has. In addition, is the big not only in size but also in power: adopts a chip Intel Core i5 (although not high-end), and doubled both RAM (8 GB) memory and internal storage (256 GB).

Having said that, we have installed several programs of graphic editing, including Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Premiere Pro, in my small Notebook Air and, although you have not marked records of processing and compilation, it worked. In the case of Photoshop, we have used the laptop to edit pictures in RAW of a Nikon D-800 (36 Megapixel, 74 MB files), and he has responded satisfactorily. That Yes, the batch processing takes his time, as well as in FHD video editing. Logically, it is not the right appliance for those wishing to use it for professional purposes in sectors like graphic design. Get closer with this Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air here.