Friday, November 11, 2016

Samsung Galaxy X, Foldable Smartphone In 2017

Samsung has launched the development of flexible OLED display for several years, but now it seems the time to bring them to market. Some industry experts speculate that the first smartphone folding (codenamed Project Valley) of the Korean manufacturer will be announced in the second half of the year 2017.

A further clue is represented by a recent patent describing the characteristics of the device. The first news about Project Valley date back more than a year ago. In several patents filed with the USPTO had been including drawings approximate smartphone, but now you can see the look that will likely have the final version. In particular, shows the detail of the hinge, similar to that of Surface Book that allows you to bend the device.

The First Foldable Phone

A button opens smartphones and takes advantage of the flexible OLED Panel that covers the front. The following video, posted on YouTube about three years ago, it gives you the idea of how it works. The Galaxy X (or at least a prototype) could be unveiled at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017.

Analysts predict the arrival on the market in the second half of the year, as mass production of flexible OLED panels for sixth generation will not begin before the third quarter of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy X Manual

The idea of a smartphone with the foldable display is no longer a novelty: we saw indeed, like many other companies, have already taken steps towards this direction, LG, with its flexible screens already in 2015.

But it seems that Samsung is working in ‘ secret ‘ on a bendable and flexible to be launched by early 2017. This will be called Galaxy X and will be one of the top five smartphone range of the South Korean company together with Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 7, and S8 Edge.

Obviously, the whole thing is still a hypothesis, but the rumors claim that the device we’re talking about will debut with a 4 k display and technology diamond PenTile subpixel. In any case, patents, we have not yet witnessed the launch of any device of this type. Based on the latest rumors leaked, things could change with early 2017.