Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Customize Apple TV Home Screen

Apple Tv is carving out an increasingly important market segment and the fourth generation of this device can boast a respectable power, as storage space and computing power, in addition, there are hundreds of downloadable apps from the App Store. From great power comes great responsibility, however, so you must know tricks to get the most out of our Apple Tv starting from the home screen, the Welcome screen.

Featured Apple TV apps

First of all, you should be aware that featured apps are not like the others, the fourth generation Apple TV shows a line with some apps, overhead. To get the most benefit from your device you should so do order, highlighting the apps you use the most. A process that will be familiar to users of iOS: click on the app you want to move and hold until the icon will begin to dance, then place it in the space of your choice, and press the touchpad. Easy, isn’t it?

Create and move folders on your Apple TV

Pity that not all of the third party apps make the best placing at the forefront, while others like Netflix and HBO show previews that make for a more enjoyable user experience. This is only the first step to customizing the home screen of your 4th generation Apple Tv. Move the App is not enough, let us now turn to the Organization in folders.

How about tvOS 9.2, you can place your apps into folders. There are two ways to get the result:

1. Click and hold on the app you want to move, and then place it on another app to create a folder. You can then add more apps to the folder. Again, this process is well noticed who has an iPhone.

2. Click and hold on the icon of your choice, then press the play/pause button. You will see an option to create a new folder that contains the selected app, or place it in a preexisting folder.

The procedure to remove the App from a folder is the same as related to their displacement, in this case just click on the touchpad and hold, then drag outside. To rename a folder to the home screen of our Apple Tv just click and enter the name you chose. Do you want to delete an app you don’t use anymore? No problem, just select it, press and hold and then press the play/pause button. This will open a list of options, select the first (”Delete”/”delete”) and you’re done. As is true for iPhone and iPad, even on Apple Tv is unable to remove native applications from the home screen, such as iTunes. If you really don’t want to have them around, you should create a folder called “Junk”, so as to minimize the space occupied by unwanted apps.

Via: Apple TV Guide