Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IPhone 8 Comes Equipped With Screen OLED Manufactured By Sharp

Apple and Sharp are in negotiations to make the display manufacturer provider of upcoming screens for Apple devices, but that this will depend on whether Sharp can meet the high demand for units.

iPhone 8 Display

Rumors leading up to the official launch of the iPhone 7 have suggested that the phone that Apple will launch in 2017, which should correspond to the iPhone 7s, will be a drastic change in design and functionality from the 7 iPhone and their two previous generations. One of the big changes would be the addition of the screen OLED, first in his class in an Apple product.

Bloomberg says that Sharp announced this same Friday that it will invest US$ 566 million in the development of factories for the manufacture of panels OLED, but units of those factories will be released mid-2018.

IPhone 8 which will be launched next year, will be - for Apple - a celebration by the ten years carrying the phone on the market. To celebrate it properly, Apple has many plans, according to the most recent reports.

In addition to the screen OLED, the phone will have a new design that will resemble the design of glass and metal that had the iPhone 4.

It is expected that Apple removed the bezels on the sides; succeed, Plus iPhone would have a screen of 5.5 inch 5.8 inch - model of 4.7 inches would maintain its size. The disappearance of the Home button and incorporation of its functions on the screen is also expected. Read more about iPhone 8 Manual.